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Cleanse & Energise - Deep Tissue Massage 🌱

As spring continues to fight it's way through all the rain in recent months...with it comes new energy, life and growth.

The days are longer and we can feel the positivity emerging alongside the sunny skies.


In my therapy treatments, the spring focus is cleanse and energise.

Working deep into the bodies tissues to release tension, and stress that we have been holding onto through the winter months (and maybe longer!). We work to flush out old energy and improve blood flow and circulation....warming our bodies, allowing rejuvenation and creating space to become more fluid, agile and ready for our spring activities.

Aromatherapy oils are used to encourage energy flows with citrus, vibrant and fresh notes creating alignment of the body and mind to thrive.


Let's embrace spring! Lets give ourselves the time and space and support we need to look after our bodies and our wellbeing. Lets enjoy the moment, and embrace life with fresh perspectives & new energies.

See you soon!

H x


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