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Winter Therapy - Cleansing and Rehydration

Holistic Massage Therapy 

with Holly Saxon -

Holly is your local Holistic Massage Therapist with treatment rooms in Sunningdale and Bisley.

Holistic Massage and Holistic Wellbeing encourages the natural alignment of our body, mind, and soul.  Holistic Massage Therapy isn't just about a one off treatment for pain and symptoms, it is about a way of life; getting the best from your body and maintaining it for a healthier and happy future.  We aim to align our treatments with the seasons to create harmony between 

ourselves and the natural world around us.

In these Winter months as the days have started to get shorter, darker and colder, and particularly towards the end of the year, we can start to feel flat and tired, lacking in energy and motivation.  Our seasonal therapy focus for the Winter months is all about body Cleansing and Rehydration.  

We use Holistic Therapy Techniques including Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, and Therapeutic Stretching which support improved circulation to help repair and maintain living bone, and to aid the body to carry away materials that the body doesn't need via the kidneys, urinary system and skin.  We encourage removal of all the dead, stale, and negative energies that we have been holding in our bodies (and maybe minds) over the year, and as the body is cleansed, this creates space for new energy to be created, and allows the body to rehydrate and prepare itself for the spring months when they arrive. 

We sometimes associate winter with hibernation, and in this case the Cleanse and Rehydrate Therapies act as a Human Hibernation allowing us to slow down and to create and conserve positive fresh energies from head to toe to carry us through the winter months.

In 2024 we will be running a series of Seasonal Workshops in addition to our Massage Therapy Treatment sessions.  These workshops will aim to further Relax, Rejuvenate and Recover using a combination of Massage Therapy Treatments, Yoga and Meditation, and other Complementary Medicine Practices.   

Keep an eye on our Website and Instagram for Workshop details and Offers throughout the year.

Holly is a fully insured and accredited member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). For more information please check out her website: or get in touch:


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